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Courtesy of English Heritage

The interior of St Matthew's. Why not come and fill an empty seat?

Courtesy of David Rayner

The snows of 2013 brought this wonderful sight.

Local artist Lucinda May dances in St Matthew's. This is from her project, Things I like in Bethnal Green: Part 1 (Dance with me), photos by Katie Garner. There was a presentation of videos from the project in March 2017. 

A total of 16 pilgrims visited the Holy Land in early 2016. The pilgrims, co-led by Fr Kevin and Fr Bertrand Olivier of All Hallows by the Tower, came from churches in London and Berkshire and one from Australia. They visited many holy sites, as well as St George's Anglican Cathedral in Jerusalem where they are pictured, coming to an appreciation of what life is like for Christians there.

We took the streets for the third time in Ashes to Go on Ash Wednesday 2017. This year we set up staging posts outside four local cafes. Thanks to Holy Shot, Jonestown Coffee, A Corner of the World and Pellicci's for permission to do so.

Ash Wednesday 2016 - this year we teamed up with Christ Church Spitalfields to offer Ashes to Go at the western end of the parish outside Shoreditch High Street Overgrounnd station.

Courtesy of Mike Houston

On Ash Wednesday 2015 a team from St Matthew's joined other Bethnal Green churches at the Underground station offering Ashes To Go at the other end of the parish. It was an interesting event, with people seeking to get ashed, or to give us a wide berth! Both events were done with permission from the Anglican clergy in whose parishes the stations lie.

Courtesy of Judith Blackburn

A group of people from St Matthew's, ably led by inveterate walker Sr Judith, took part in the Christian Aid Walk around the City of London on Sunday May 12, 2016. Here are  churchwarden Ingrid Doris, with inflatable headgear and her son,  Lindon Wallace. They were among many who raised funds for the charity's work at home and abroad.

Christ's death and resurrection were captured in a depiction of Noah's Ark in our Paschal Candle in 2017. Artist Roseanna Allwood, pictured below, was responsible for this. She also provided a commentary which will form the basis of the sermon on Easter 3.

Our artist for this year's Paschal Candle, Roseanna Allwood. She offered some comments on the ideas behind the images. They were incorporated into a sermon preached by Fr Kevin on Sunday April 30, 2017.


We have a link with The Revd Therése Olsson of Linköping in Sweden. Therése came to us via St Saviour's Priory. On Sunday July 12, 2015 she was Chief Concelebrant at our Parish Mass. Later Therése and her party from Sweden adjourned to the Carpenters' Arms for a drink. (And two members of St Matthew's were interviewed by freelance journalist Zandra Erikshed.)

 On September 1, 2015 St Fiacre's Day (he is the patron saint of cab drivers - see our Random Thoughts page) we inaugurated a drive past blessing of cabs. Small, but perfectly formed.



 On Monday July 11, 2016 Scott Egan surprised his wife Lisa by walking her into St Matthew's Church on the 24th anniversary of their wedding. Waiting for them were their children, Emma and Callum, and Fr Kevin and The Revd Erin Clark. After a service of Celebration of Marriage, in which Scott presented Lisa with new rings, the family went off to Paris for dinner in the Eiffel Tower.

Courtesy of Alun Harries

A group of our young people - with their parents and friends - headed to Southend for the day in the August holidays. Hopes were high on departure.

Our August daytrippers refreshing themselves. And, of course, there had been fish and chips.

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