Welcome to St Matthew's, Bethnal Green

St Matthew is a Church of England church, in the Diocese of London, and is the focus of an inclusive, living Christian community.

It is the mother church of Bethnal Green where there have been people saying their prayers and celebrating life for more than 250 years.

This continues today....

LENT 2015
For our Lent Programme, see the Notices page

Song, stories and activities for children,
their parents and carers
in Church on Fridays at 1545 after school goes back

Hello from the Churchwardens

Courtesy of Malcolme Bass

We are Matthew Shelley and Ingrid Doris,  Churchwardens of St Matthew's, Bethnal Green.

We were elected the 2014 Annual Vestry Meetings and it is our privilege to serve the people of this church and our community.

St Matthew's is an inclusive church in the catholic tradition of the Church of England.

We seek to welcome and represent people from this diverse and rapidly changing parish – and anyone passing through.

We know we are not perfect but seek to be a beacon of the light of Christ in this fascinating area.

Why not pop in and see us?

Please see our Tracing Records page



How to Find Us:

Contact Us:

Our address:
St Matthew's Row,
Bethnal Green London E2 6DT

Email us: enquiries@st-matthews.co.uk

Our Services

Our main Sunday service is the
Parish Eucharist at 10.30am

Mass, Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer are offered most days.
See Parish Notices for more information